Markus Lehti appointed CEO of HT Laser and Elekmerk

Markus Lehti has been appointed CEO of HT Laser Oy and Elekmerk Oy, members of the Teiskonen Group. He will take up his duties immediately. In the future, the CEO will also serve as Chairman of the Teiskonen Group’s Management Team.

Lehti (42) has been with the company since 2012, most recently as HT Laser’s Executive Vice President and HT Laser Keuruu’s unit manager.

“Our companies HT Laser and Elekmerk have an exceptional year behind us due to the corona pandemic. This is, of course, the case for many companies and in many different industries. However, together we managed to meet the needs of our customers and maintain a good level of service. We started the new year on a solid footing and confident in our own ability to react to changes in the market situation and the environment, ”says Hannu Teiskonen, Chairman of the Board of the Teiskonen Group.

“The election of Markus Lehti as CEO of HT Laser and Elekmerk was a natural continuation of the work of recent years. We believe that Lehti is the right person to guide our companies on the path to profitable growth. His experience and strength in both the industry and customer relationship management create excellent conditions for us to succeed in the future, where digital solutions, new manufacturing technologies and value creation in networks play a crucial role”, continues Teiskonen.

Markus Lehti appreciates the opportunity to be part of the story of a strong family business and take it towards the next stage.

“Throughout the thirty-year history of our companies, we have been successful by being brave and curious. The desire to grow profitably, develop operations and utilize new production technologies has arisen primarily from the needs of our customers. Based on constantly changing customer needs, we have open-mindedly developed our service and production processes and created completely new ones. I want to continue and strengthen this with my own work in the future as well”, says Markus Lehti.

Lehti lives in Keuruu, which is also the domicile of the Teiskonen Group.

Jukka Kotamäki will continue as Elekmerk’s Head of Unit as usual.


Further information and contacts

Markus Lehti, CEO, HT Laser ja Elekmerk
+358 50 4060 354

Hannu Teiskonen, Chairman of the Board
+358 40 503 6378

Markus Lehti, CEO

HT Laser Oy as a company
Awarded the National Entrepreneur Award in 2019, HT Laser is a system supplier and flexible partner for the metal industry. Our special expertise is assemblies and component manufacturing, as well as cutting optimized and processed according to needs. We offer comprehensive cutting, edging, welding, laser welding, machining, 3D metal printing, surface treatment, assembly and product development services. We are a pioneer of industrial laser and water cutting as well as laser welding and leading players in the business in Finland.
HT Laser is close to the customer. We serve in eight locations in Finland (Jyväskylä, Kaarina, Keuruu, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Tornio, Vaasa, Vieremä) and in Poznan, Poland. Founded in 1989, we are a growing family business. In 2019, our turnover was EUR 69 million. We currently employ about 400 technology industry professionals.

Elekmerk Oy as a company
Elekmerk offers comprehensive sheet metal mechanics, machining, surface treatment and assembly services. Our customers are professionals of all sizes in their business. We serve as a contract manufacturer for international technology companies and meet the needs of our customers, from product design to testing of finished products.
Elekmerk’s net sales in 2019 were EUR 5.4 million. Our production facilities are located in Keuruu, where more than 40 sheet metal experts work. Elekmerk is part of the Teiskonen Group and our operations have been awarded ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 quality and environmental certificates.

Teiskonen Oy Group
Teiskonen Oy is a 100% family-owned management company. It owns four technology industry companies: HT Laser Oy, a supplier of system and components for the metal industry, HT Laser Oy’s Polish subsidiary, Elekmerk Oy, a contract manufacturer of sheet metal industry, and Alamarin-Jet Oy, which develops and manufactures boat propulsion equipment and control systems.
The combined turnover of the companies owned and managed by Teiskonen Oy in 2019 was EUR 78 million. The companies employ a total of about 500 technology industry professionals.