The story

The story of Elekmerk

The birth of the brilliant mechanics factory

The history of Elekmerk Oy dates back to 1993, when Timo and Irmeli Vaissi returned to Keuruu after years spent in the Helsinki metropolitan area. They brought their customer contacts and experience of entreprenourship. Elekmerk Oy was founded.

The company’s business was subcontracting to the electronics and shipbuilding industries. The first products were aluminum profiles and faceplates, signs and cruiser signs. The business was initially small, but the activity and the number of staff grew slowly. The work was done in teams and the team spirit was strong from the beginning. They wanted to succeed together with their customers. (The big emphasis was especially on good customer service.)

Elekmerk into a larger metal industry entity

In 2001, Elekmerk became part of a larger metal industry entity, when it became part of the Teiskonen Group in Keuruu with the acquisition. Teiskonen Oy is a wholly family-owned company, which in addition to Elekmerk includes HT Laser Oy, a supplier of parts and components for the metal industry, and Alamarin-Jet Oy, which manufactures boat propulsion equipment for export.

In the 2020s, Elekmerk’s story continues to be strong. The number of employees has grown to almost fifty, the machines and production facilities have been modernized. The products to be manufactured have also evolved and changed. An entire mechanical factory has been built up from company built upon a small plate workshop.

Although the operations have expanded and developed and people have changed, the same excellent team and success together are still among Elekmerk’s values. In an ever-changing world, Elekmerk also wants to be the challenger of tomorrow. The change will create something new and guarantee a top position in the future as well.

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