Sheet metal work

We manufacture highly processed sheet metal components in our own production.

Diligence and agility to implement

Our factory manufactures high-quality, highly processed sheet metal parts.

In steel parts (FE, galvanized, RST / HST) we focus on 0.5 – 4.0 mm thicknesses and we cut aluminum up to 20 mm thickness. We cut thinner strengths by punching and fiber laser and by combining the strengths of both cutting methods with a Combi machine. Cutting stronger aluminum is done by machining directly from the plate
(working area max. 1500 mm x 2500 mm).

In connection with the cut, the necessary notches, threads and moldings in both directions (cups, air vents, reinforcements, drawbar, etc.)

Lissmac grinding line:
With the Lissmac grinding line, we remove sharpnesses on both sides of the parts and ensure customer-friendly and safe-to-handle sheet metal parts.

Edgings are made on multi-axis CNC machines and, if necessary, we bend larger volume products that are repeated in the robot edging cell.

Versatile welding machines and methods are especially suitable for the production of sheet metal.

We use methods:

  • Tig
  • Mig
  • spot welding
  • bolt welding

We weld different materials in different departments.

Auxiliary work:
There are numerous other auxiliary work stages in our production, such as installation of clamps, mangling, riveting, tapping, drumming… Ask for more!

We do coating and assembly in our own production.


Brilliant Mechanics Factory

We utilize the latest features of machines and equipment to serve the needs of our customers, and our entire staff has at our disposal a long experience in the manufacture of various machined and sheet metal products.

Sheet metal work



Assembly and testing

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