Elekmerk Oy

The brilliant mechanics factory

Entirely domestic contract manufacturing from Central Finland


Elekmerk Oy is located in the beautiful city of Central Finland, Keuruu. We offer comprehensive services in sheet metal mechanics, machining, surface treatment and assembly. In 2020, our turnover was 5.6 M € and we had about fifty sheet metal mechanics professionals. All our operations are guided by certified quality and environmental systems in accordance with the ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 standards.

Elekmerk was founded in 1993. In 2001, with the acquisition, Elekmerk became part of a Finnish family company. Elekmerk is wholly owned by Teiskonen Oy, which is a 100% family-owned management company. It is located at Keuruu.

Teiskonen Oy owns four technology industry companies: Elekmerk Oy, a contract manufacturer for the sheet metal industry, HT Laser Oy, a supplier of systems and components for the metal industry, HT Laser Oy’s Polish country company, and Alamarin-Jet Oy, which develops and manufactures boat propulsion equipment and control systems.


Teiskonen Oy

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Elekmerk Oy

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