14 April 2020 BULLETIN

Changes in the Management of Teiskonen Group Companies

Matti Seppälä, Managing Director of HT Laser Oy, Elekmerk Oy and Alamarin-Jet Oy, which belong to Teiskonen Group, is leaving his position. He has been at the helm of these companies since 2017.

In connection with this, Teiskonen Group Management Team work will be started. Chairman of the Board and founder of the company, Hannu Teiskonen, will serve as Chairman of the Teiskonen Management Team.

The functions of customer relations, sales and marketing will be strengthened with the appointment Juha Savolainen as Deputy Managing Director of HT Laser Oy.

“Recent years have been a time of strong growth and development. Under the leadership of Matti Seppälä, we have implemented our strong investment programme, opened a new production unit and expanded our range of services to completely new production technologies. At Alamarin-Jet, we carried out the global launch of a new larger-size range of water jet propulsion units. Our turnover has increased strongly, and we have successfully hired approximately 150 people in spite of a labour shortage in our industry,” says Chairman of the Board, Hannu Teiskonen.

“On behalf of the whole of our family business, I would like to warmly thank Matti Seppälä for his significant contribution to the Teiskonen Group companies.”

Further information

Hannu Teiskonen
Chairman of the Board, Teiskonen Oy

tel. +358 (0)40 5036 378


Teiskonen Oy as a Company

Teiskonen Oy is a family-owned parent company. The company owns four companies in the technology industry: HT Laser Oy, a system and component supplier for the metal industry; HT Laser Oy’s Polish subsidiary; Elekmerk Oy, a contract manufacturer for the sheet-metal industry; and Alamarin-Jet, which develops and manufactures water jet propulsion units and control systems.

In 2019, the combined turnover of the companies owned and administered by Teiskonen Oy was €83 million. The companies employ a total of approximately 500 technology industry professionals. The company is headquartered in Keuruu, Finland.