Case Linde Gas, Elekmerk’s solutions for liquefied gas storage

The industrial company AGA (Aktiebolaget Gasaccumulator) was found in Sweden in 1904 and the Finnish subsidiary was established in 1917. AGA has been part of the Linde Group since 2000, and at the beginning of 2020 the familiar AGA brand was changed to Linde. At the same time, the Finnish unit was renamed Oy Linde Gas Ab. Linde is the world’s leading industrial gas and technology company with revenue of $ 28 billion (€ 25 billion) in 2019. The company has a comprehensive product range for both consumers and various industries. The AGA brand will continue to be used in consumer carbonated and liquefied petroleum gas products as well as welding consumables. The company develops turnkey solutions for its customers. The vision is that with advanced gas technology, Linde’s customers can increase productivity, safety and quality while protecting the environment.

Where did the cooperation start?

  • AGA / Linde has been a gas supplier to HT Laser Oy for a long time and our cooperation is extensive. About five years ago, we started thinking about developing a partnership together and found that the HT Group also has good expertise in enclosures and equipment cabinets, says Business Development Manager Juho Luodeslampi from Oy Linde Gas Ab.
  • Elekmerk had a liquefied gas storage cabinet ready. The product had been on the market for some years, it was fully finished in its technical properties and practically tested. The high quality and safety of the product was important to us, but most importantly: Elekmerk’s team understood the big picture.
  • The cabinet is just one part of the whole. What matters is how deliveries, storage and marketing support are handled. Gas can be marketed in many ways, but a cabinet in the customer’s yard is the most important marketing element. We effortlessly got a great storage solution from Elekmerk with the AGA brand look.

What features are required of a liquefied gas storage cabinet?

  • We operate in a world of prevailing laws and regulations. The cabinet must be lockable and must protect the gas cylinders from direct sunlight. In addition, the structure must be such that, in the event of a leak, the gas is vented out of the cabinet. The structure must be so rigid that the cabinet does not bend over the weight of the heavy steel bottles. And of course we want AGA’s neat cabinets to stay upright for several years, Luodeslampi emphasizes.

How successful are the product quality and deliveries?

  • In summer, household gas sales multiply, but the sales season is short. Therefore, the delivery time of the cabinets is critical. Elekmerk has kept its promises admirably.
  • For once, the lockers got dents in transport, but the delivery was really quick. Although the mess was not Elekmerk’s fault, the damaged cabinets were taken back, repaired and secured for transport. The schedule was adhered to and as-good-as-new cabinets were delivered to the customer.

How would you describe your cooperation with Elekmerk?

  • From the beginning, Elekmerk had a good customer-oriented approach. They offered not just a cabinet, but a total solution for storing gas cylinders. In addition to production expertise, Elekmerk’s strengths include sales activity; they identify needs and think of solutions for us.
  • Good experiences with AGA LPG cabinets have led to an increase in our orders, and Elekmerk now supplies various solutions for our industrial gases as well.
  • I highly recommend Elekmerk. They have a team that wants to make the customer’s life easier and create good growth together! Juho Luodeslampi from Linde sums up.

Juho Luodeslampi