HT Laser and Elekmerk manufacture metal 3D-printed Climate Pens for decision makers

(Photograph: Helsingin Sanomat)

In September 2019, Helsingin Sanomat donated “Climate Pens” to the Finnish Parliament and G20 leaders with the aim of keeping climate change on their mind when signing every decision.

The pen ink has been made of carbon dioxide – the greenhouse gas accelerating climate warming – in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The pen shape has been created by metal-3D-printing the frames from recycled aluminium and by applying the finishing touches by hand. The pens were 3D-printed, machined and assembled by HT Laser Oy in Keuruu. The pens’ surface treatment and laser marking were performed by Elekmerk Oy, also based in Keuruu. The technical engineering of the 3D print was done by Mecaplan Oy. The carbon dioxide emissions generated in the manufacture of the pens were estimated and offset as a part of the project.

“Metal 3D printing is a new manufacturing technology and we are among the first in Finland to embark on this path. Now, the 3D prints that we have manufactured are communicating an important and topical message to the highest level of decision-makers, both in Finland and abroad. I am extremely proud of our skilled staff and this chance to contribute our manufacturing technology competence to this unique project,” says Managing Director Matti Seppälä of HT Laser and Elekmerk.

Read the press release of Helsingin Sanomat on the topic.

Further information:
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Sales, Metal 3D prints
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Jukka Kotamäki
Head of Unit
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