Coatings, screen printing and laser marking

Marked and painted metal

Carefully finished surface

Surface treatment services can be found in the premises of our second hall. We carry out the passivation of aluminum parts (Iridite NCP), powder coatings, screen printing and laser marking. Typical notable products include equipment plates, front panels and enclosures.

Iridite NCP
Iridite NCP stands for passivation of aluminum. This chemical coating process is RoHS compliant and prevents component corrosion as well as improves electrical conductivity. The passivation treatment also serves as a good adhesion surface for the parts to be painted. Iridite NCP treatment does not contain harmful compounds such as chromium.

Powder coating
Powder or powder coating is a surface treatment that is suitable for metal products. As a process, it is fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly because it does not generate harmful VOC emissions. The finished paint surface is very resistant to abrasion and shocks.

Max. dimensions:

  • width 30 cm
  • height 80 cm
  • length 120 cm

Screen printing and laser marking
Screen printing is a printing method that requires long-lasting printing and precision. Particularly in large quantities, screen printing is generally the most advantageous and sensible printing method.

Max. work area:

  • width 800 mm
  • length 650 mm
  • height 165 mm

Laser marking
Laser marking is a quick and inexpensive way to uniquely and permanently identify a serial number, QR code, logo, image, or product name on a sheet metal. It is particularly suitable for industrial marking due to its accuracy and durability. The laser-marked mark is practically eternal.

We carry out other surface treatments together with our reliable partners.


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