Sheet metalwork

We manufacture highly processed sheet-metal components in our own production.

In addition to metalworking machinery utilising laser and punching technology, we also have a combination of these two: a combi machine. It allows for the combination of the best features of both processing techniques into one and the same work phase. Our combi machine is equipped with forming and threading units.

Using our Lissmac grinding line, we are able remove all sharpness from parts, including the piece’s inner and outer edges and holes. Parts manufactured by us do not have any sharp edges or angles that could cause trouble for the end customer.

Our highly experienced professionals also manufacture extremely complicated and high-precision parts with powerful stamping presses.

Different inserts provide several options for joining parts and components. We are happy to help in choosing the best joining methods.

We weld black and stainless steel and aluminium. We make use of all common welding methods. All our employees have successfully completed the necessary welding categories.

Joining parts to each other may also make use of the Tog-L-Loc clinch joint. We are happy to help with the commissioning of the technology.