Attitude counts

Our work community has room for brilliance and new ideas. Continuous improvement requires effort from everybody.

The most important quality required of our employees is a good, positive attitude.

We are always particularly interested in skilled welders.

We value diverse competence. We encourage the development of personal skills and the ability to take on new duties.

We offer our staff a safe and clean working environment. Our tools are modern. Elekmerk is a non-smoking workplace.

We map the satisfaction of our staff annually and work on it in a goal-oriented manner.

We do not shy away from our environmental and social responsibility.

Keuruu offers its residents the diverse services of a lively rural town and excellent opportunities for sports and cultural activities in breathtakingly beautiful lake scenery.

We are currently looking for

We are not currently looking to hire workers for specific new titles.


Jukka Kotamäki

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