Elekmerk Oy’s history dates back to 1993, when Timo and Irmeli Vaissi moved back to Keuruu after living several years in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The couple brought their customer contacts and experience in entrepreneurship with them. This was the starting point of Elekmerk Oy.

The line of business of the company was subcontracting for the electronics and shipbuilding industries. The first products included aluminium profiles and front plates, signs and cruise liner signposts. At first, entrepreneurship was small in scale, but gradually the operations and number of staff increased. Work was performed in teams and team spirit was strong right from the start. All operations emphasised in particular the importance of high-quality customer service.

In 2001, Elekmerk joined a larger metal industry entity, when it became a part of the Teiskonen Group via a company acquisition. Teiskonen Oy is a fully family-owned company based in Keuruu. In addition to Elekmerk, the group includes the metal industry part and component supplier HT Laser Oy and Alamarin-Jet Oy, which manufactures boat propulsion equipment for export. In 2018, the group’s turnover was almost €70 million and it currently employs over 500 professionals.

The story of Elekmerk continues. The number of staff has almost reached 50 and the machinery and production facilities have been renewed. The products being manufactured have also developed and changed. A whole mechanics factory has been built around signs wherein laser marking and screen printing further supplement the diverse offering of completed components.